Mom fail number 2

My son has long hair. It’s the curliest hair I’ve seen in the back. It would make Shirley Temple jealous. His bangs are long and get in his eyes but it doesn’t seem to bother him. 

Tonight during bath time he was being really still and good. And for some reason I thought ‘here’s a great idea! I’m gonna cut his bangs. What could possibly go wrong? I’ve cut my own successfully (kinda)’

So I get the scissors and get some of the hair between my fingers. Start to cut and I can tell he’s about to start moving so I quickly finish what I’ve cut. 

Have you ever done something and right after you immediately regret it? Well I have! I know my husband loves me with all of his heart but I just knew he was going to be upset. I thought ‘well this bathroom is my home now because I can’t move from this spot’

Well he wasn’t angry or upset, but I will probably be hearing about this until we are in our 70’s 😫

It’s a rite of passage to get a bad haircut from your mom right? Right?!?


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