I am the world champion when it comes to worrying about things. Stress and anxiety have followed me around for years. I’m use to it, sometimes it doesn’t even show up. Then other times it bursts in through a wall like it’s the freakin Kool-Aid man. 

Since become a parent I’ve worried about every little thing. Will he be happy? What if a kid is mean to him? If he gets bullied will we have the bail money we will need for when I go punch a bully’s parent? Why is he not eating? Will he have friends? Will he be safe? Anything you can worry about I’ve already thought up all kinds of scenarios. 

But when those sleepless nights creep up on me I try to remember the picture I posted about. God loves and cares about Cameron more than I do. That sounds impossible and crazy but I know that it’s true. I know that God knows what’s best for Cameron and will watch after him. I remember my mother telling me when I was little that Jesus loved us more than anyone and that he loves us more than she and my dad love me and my sister. I thought “that’s crazy He must love us a whole lot because me and Jennifer are the light of their freaking lives!” (That was before their grandkids Coleson and Cameron replaced us as the light of their lives)

So even though I still stress and worry about Cameron I try to remind myself that God cares for Cameron more than I do. Because even though Cameron is a child of mine and DJ, he is first a child of God. 


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