Late night ramblings

So it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything.  Not because I haven’t wanted to, mainly just because there hasn’t been much to write about. We have had some excitement this past week, we went to a Journey concert in Louisville and it was amazing. I survived being away from Cameron for like 5.5 hours which was the longest I’ve gone since I quit my job to be a stay at home mom over a year ago. I also found a small slug in my kitchen at 1 in the morning when of course DJ was asleep. I had to dispose of it MYSELF! I’ll pause while you commend me on my bravery. 

But mostly this week has been normal everyday stuff. Get up, eat, turn on Mickey Mouse, avoid doing housework, fold 194858402817 pair of socks. You know, the normal routine,and typed out it probably sounds boring. But honestly this life is the most exciting, rewarding thing  ever. Getting to watch my son and my husband play and rough-house, even though I see it everyday, is amazing to me. And I’m trying to enjoy the time I have left at having a boy that likes being around his mommy. Because he’s really starting to become a Daddy’s boy. I’ve noticed it more and more lately. It started a few weeks ago when Cameron left my lap to go lay down with DJ on the couch for a nap. His face lights up when he sees his daddy. He’s already started to do things like DJ. For example when DJ has a bottle of Coke or Mountain Dew he always leaves it on the back of the couch against the wall. Last night I found Cameron’s bottle set exactly right where DJ always leaves his own bottle.
 Pretty soon they will be digging up worms and bugs together and all that other gross stuff boys do. I need to start practicing now my excited face when Cameron will inevitably come show me a bug he’s discovered 🤢


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