Mom fail

This is a story of why you should always double and triple check a recipe, even though you feel like you know it all. Let me start off by saying I don’t cook or bake very often. I’ve gotten a bit better since I had Cameron because you know kids tend to need to eat from time to time (even though he hasn’t touched the now cold grilled cheese I made him). But a few weeks ago I decided to make home made cookies, no idea why I wanted to so badly but I had most of the ingredients so I figured why not. They turned out pretty good for it being my first time making cookies from scratch. DJ took some to work to share with everyone, I took some to my mom ’cause I was so proud of myself.

A few days ago we go on one of our many trips to the grocery store, and DJ mentions getting the stuff to make cookies again, so we did and I was excited. Betty Crocker look out! So get all my ingredients out and get to work, I almost turned on Pandora but knew I needed to focus cause this is serious business. I’m stirring and mixing and in the zone, but once I combined my dry ingredients with my wet ingredients (cause that’s a thing apparently you’re suppose to do) I notice they’re not mixing very well. My knight in shining armor notices I’m getting discouraged so he comes in on his white horse and helps me.

So it’s mixed better and we’re being an adorable couple baking together while Mickey Mouse keeps our kid company. We’re scooping out the dough into little circles and making pan after pan of cookies. The recipe makes 30 cookies so we’re there for awhile. I notice a small thing of cookie dough on the counter and couldn’t resist. That’s when I got nervous because it tasted awful. Cookie dough tastes like rainbows and butterflies and what I had just put in my mouth was not!

Finally all the cookies are made and cooling off. My house smells amazing and I feel like the mom on ‘Leave it to Beaver’. I surprisingly wait a good 10-15 minutes before I give in and eat one. Now here is a moment I thought would never happen in my life. I take a bite of a cookie and IMMEDIATELY regret that decision. Even back when I was dieting and cared about my weight if I ate a cookie I wouldn’t regret it because I had a delicious cookie in my mouth. What I had in my mouth was not delicious and I don’t even know if you could be called a cookie. It took me five big Dr Pepper swishes around my mouth to get the taste out. DJ goes and tries one and bless his heart tried to not hurt my feelings because he knew I was so discouraged and you were trying to think what went wrong. I looked over the recipe once to see what could have happened and that’s when I noticed it. 3/4 a teaspoon of baking soda.. and I distinctly remember using the measuring cup that was labeled 1/4 cup instead of 1/4 teaspoon. That’s why one cookie expanded to the size of my child’s face!! So the 30 cookies we made that we were going to take some to my mom he was going to take some to work…yeah they’re all in the garbage. Now my house smells like false delicious failure. 😫😫


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