Heart so full

There have been many times as a parent that it feels like my heart may actually burst. Whether from the cuteness of Cameron, the sweetness of him or the ‘turdness’ of him. Because he is equal parts cute, sweet, and a turd. But today it was from sweetness. 

We’re at Meme and Poppy’s house which is always a fun time for him. He’s playing in his play room while Mommy is getting to actually watch a non cartoon show and sit on the couch. Every now and then you go check on him when he’s either being too quiet or you hear a loud crash. I don’t really know what it scarier, the quiet or the loud crashes. Anyway this time around he was too quiet, walking in the room with a sense of dread I see him trying to figure out how to put small cars in the loading truck they go in. Just watching him try to figure things out on his own I feel my heart squeeze. I try to talk to him and say ‘hi’ but he doesn’t even acknowledge me. Oh well back to adult TV. 

Not five minutes later he comes running into the living room to me, grabs my finger and leads me to his playroom. It’s always the sweetest thing when he leads you by holding your hand. He brings me to his room, walks me to the rocking chair that has a bunch of toys sitting in it. He clears off the chair all by himself (throws them in the floor for me to pick up later) and once it’s cleared he pushes my legs until I sit down. 

Now I know as sweet as he is, he’s also a turd, so while he’s sweet and wants me to sit in there with him, I know what he really wants is me to turn on the TV so he can watch that blasted Mouse. But I’m going to say that he led me to his room to spend time with his mother whom he loves so much, not because I know how to handle the remote control and he doesn’t. 


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