Day in the life…

Woken up by alarm clock instead a slap in the face by a toddler, do I let him sleep and enjoy the sleepy time cuddles I’m getting and enjoy the calm before the storm that is Wild Cam? Or do I fight waking him up and risk him being fussy all day? Easy answer even, if letting him sleep runs the risk of him napping late in the day and staying up late like he’s a teenager. 

I’ve put off doing his laundry so long that all of his shorts are dirty and he’s dressed in pajama shorts for the day. In my defense they don’t look like pjs. Putting his clothes in the washing machine made me have to take notice of the mountain of clean clothes in the hamper waiting to be put away. When the pile is taller than your toddler and falls if you look at it wrong, it’s time to put it away. Of course now is the time that Cameron realizes he needs to hang out with Mommy desperately. So he sits in the foot massager bucket thing (that’s never been used) and plops right down there with me. For 45 seconds until he remembers Mickey Mouse is on tv. (Mickey Mouse is ALWAYS on the tv)

Little monster demands to be fed. I can make a mean grilled cheese so that’s what he gets. But to keep him happy while I make it I keep giving him the mini Oreos that he demands. It defeats the purpose of the sandwich I’m making but surprisingly he eats it. 

Daddy gets home from work and Cameron is over the moon about his playing buddy being here. So much that I could totally get the dishes done, or the rest of my clothes put away…ooorrrr I could sit on the couch and watch my 2 favorite boys play together while yet another Mickey Mouse plays in the background. 

Not a hard decision there. 


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